Jamirrorquai was born out of a chance meeting in a London nightclub, where Mac Star was mistaken for Jay Kay and the rest is history.

With the exact looks, style and love of the same Italian sports cars (of which Mac also has an impressive collection) how could he have been anything else other than a Jamiroquai tribute artist?

Mac has been an entertainer since a very young age and started life as a professional comedian travelling the world. He then joined a band as a bass player and learnt how to feel a groove. Now he entertains Jamiroquai fans worldwide and the people he meets leave his company believing they have just met the nicest man on earth.

Mac prides himself on being not just a Jay Kay look and sound alike but also an ambassador for the band's reputation.

There have been many many times where Mac has performed with some of Jay's own friends and ex band mates, who have admitted that the likeness is uncanny. Almost everyone who has met Mac believes they have just met the Space Cowboy.

Mac has performed and appeared as Jay Kay at many events worldwide including private parties, music festivals, corporate events and many more.

Below are a few of the spectacular events that Jamirrorquai has been a part of.

The British F1 GP
Wilton House classic car show
Goodwood festival of speed
Top Marques motor show
The Geneva motor show
The Classic car show
Scottish motor show
Ferrari owners club
Tribfest music festival
Glastonbudget music festival
Kidfest music festival
Rally for heroes

He has been featured as Jay Kay on the B.B.C programmes Even better then the real thing & Don't tell the bride

New Music Express magazine (N.M.E)  described Jamirrorquai as "the one man funkathon"

So if your event requires more then just a tribute act in a hat pacing up and down on a stage, get in touch and book the act who looks identical, sounds exact, dances like his feet are on fire and where bookings suit, has been known to arrive driving a red Italian prancing horse.

"Featured on the BBC programmes Don't tell the bride & Even better then the real thing"